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  "The Present Truth & The Three Angel's Messages" by Nelson Mercado. Are the three angel's messages really the present truth? Sale Price: $13.99. Expires Jan. 31, 2023. Paperback, 176 pages.



  "An Angel Rides with Me" by Bradley Booth. Hang on to your seat! This a collection of miracle stories you won't be able to put down! Sale Price $12.99. Expires Feb 28, 2023. Paperback, 128 pages.



  "The Ten" by Geoffrey E. Patterson. God didn't give you the ten commandments to save you from hell after you die, (Jesus did that). God gave you the ten commandments to save you from living in hell until you die. Sale Price $12.99. Expires March 31, 2023. Paperback, 128 pages.

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  • The July ABC Sale Flyer is on the table in the lobby for you to browse, but please keep the copy there for others, thank you!


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